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Citrus is a free service that instantly negotiates the best rates on loans and credit on your behalf.

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Tell us about yourself

Citrus Credit uses a scientific approach to present the best loan offers to you. We will take some basic details about you, your credit history, your occupation, and how much credit you are looking for.

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We Find The Best Rates

We instantly calculate a score that matches you with the best lenders for you. We do not do a credit search, and using us does not affect your credit score in any way.

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Get Your Loan

Once you find the best loan from one of our partners, you can fill out an online application and get your customized loan quote. In some cases, you can get a credit decision within 60 seconds and fast, online funding directly to your bank account.

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Citrus Credit simplifies shopping for a loan by helping you sort through loan terms, lenders acceptance criteria, and helps you determine financial products that are best for you.